Given on equation sheet 15 P1 elastic potential energy = 0.5 x spring constant x (extension)2 E e = ½ k e2 16 change in thermal energy = mass x specific heat capacity x temperature changeP2 P6 E = m c 17 P6 thermal energy for a change of state = mass x specific latent heat E = m L 18 P6 For gases: pressure x volume = constant pV = constant

Some of these physics questions make use of different concepts, so (for the most part) there is no single formula or set of equations that you can use to solve them. These questions make use of concepts taught at the high school and college level (mostly first year). The equation for kinetic energy is. KE = 0.5 • m • v 2. where m is the mass of the object (with standard units of kilograms) and v is the speed of the object (with standard units of m/s). The total mechanical energy possessed by an object is the sum of its kinetic and potential energies. Work-Energy Connection